Spa Services

Complimentary Skin Consultation


Not sure which treatment to do? We are more than happy to offer complimentary skin consultations! We begin by listening to your concerns, followed by a skin assessment where we will determine your skin type and condition. From there we will discuss different treatment options best tailored to you.

Facial Treatments

Essential Facial
45 mins for $75

We recognize that all skin types are different and should be treated with this in mind— that’s why all of our Signature Facials are uniquely tailored to meet individual skin conditions & other care needs. The Signature Facial includes a deep soothing cleanse that contains a mild but refreshing exfoliant. This powerful combination enhances the overall look and feel of your skin and leaves you feeling richly rejuvenated and restored.

Detoxifying Acne Facial
60 mins for $90

The Detoxifying Acne Facial is an excellent facial treatment option for anyone looking to clear up unwanted blemishes and improve the overall condition of acne-prone skin. These facials use nutrient-rich products and detoxifying mud to renew congested skin by removing impurities and encouraging smoother, more radiant skin. Read More

Eyelashes + Brows

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting
Lash Tinting for $25 | Brow Tinting for $20 | Combo for $40

Our eyelashes and eyebrows are an essential part of every look! Eyelash and eyebrow tinting is a fantastic way to reduce the time spent in front of the mirror every morning while still keeping your eyes and brows looking absolutely radiant. Eyelash and eyebrow tinting is the process of applying dye to give your eyes intense definition that lasts for weeks. Not only does tinting make your eyelashes darker and enhance their appearance, but it adds luxurious volume and dimension to your eyes. Plus, it completely eliminates the need to wear mascara or pencil in your eyebrows!

3ml for $150 | 5ml for $240

Latisse® is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis (inadequate or not enough lashes) that promotes the growth of longer, fuller, darker eyelashes over the course of 4 months, with noticeable results appearing after the first 4 weeks. Latisse is FDA and Health Canada-approved, and must be used under medical supervision. Read More


Signature Manicure

This manicure is a full-service, restorative hand and nail treatment enjoyed by many. This tranquilizing spa experience includes a relaxing hand and arm massage from our aestheticians. It also includes a complete hand and nail cleaning, shaping and polishing. This treatment is an efficient low-cost solution for dry, worn-out hands and nails as well as anyone seeking a fresh new look.

Shellac Manicure

Enjoy our Signature Manicure (hand and arm massage, complete hand and nail cleaning and shaping) with shellac polish. CND Shellac applies like a regular nail polish, but dries like a gel (almost instantaneously, eliminating the chance of dreaded smudging). Shellac bonds together, drastically reducing the likelihood of chipping and lasts an average of 2 full weeks longer than traditional nail polish.

Express Manicure

We know, you’re busy— that’s why we offer Express Manicures! If you don’t have time for a full Ottawa Medical Spa And Aesthetics Signature Manicure, the Express Manicure will give you all the essentials, including the cut, filing and shaping of your nails, buffing away ridges, and a fresh application of nail polish.


French Polish $8
Paraffin $10
Shellac $10
Shellac Removal (with any manicure service) $10
Shellac Removal (removal only) $15


Medical Pedicure

This is the perfect pedicure for those needing a little bit of extra care for their feet. We first soak your feet in an epsom salt water. This allows the callouses and cuticles to soften. We then manually exfoliate the calluses by gently filing them down. Our medical pedicure involves the use of an electric drill which further aids in improving dry skin and the overall texture of the feet. We take care of all the cuticle work, as well as cutting and filing the nails down to your preferred length. A relaxing foot and leg massage is performed, followed by a warm paraffin wax which is left on the feet to deeply penetrate into the skin, leaving your feet feeling softer than ever!

Shellac Pedicure

Shellac goes on like a polish but dries instantly, eliminating the chance of smudging or chipping. If your toes need that little extra durability, shellac polish by CND is the solution. Keeping its high shine and outlasting traditional polishes by weeks, this is a great alternative if you’re looking to stretch that pedicure out a little longer.

Signature Pedicure

Give your feet the tender loving care they deserve with an Ottawa Medical Spa and Aesthetics Signature Pedicure! Soak and exfoliate your feet in a special solution that breaks down and removes calluses, followed by buffing away excess skin from the soles of the feet. From here, our expert aestheticians shape and file toenails and remove excess cuticles, leaving your feet looking and feeling as good as new. This treatment is finished off with a relaxing foot and leg massage, and a polish or paraffin wax treatment.

Express Pedicure

If you can’t commit to a full-blown pedicure but your feet still need some TLC, the Express Pedicure is the perfect solution. Have your toenails soaked, cut, filed, and given a fresh coat of nail polish. The Express Pedicure is also great for touch-ups between full pedicures, and ideal for children and youth.


Extended Foot & Leg Massage $15
Foot Mask $10
French Polish $8
Paraffin $10
Shellac Removal (Removal only) $15
Shellac Removal (with any pedicure service) $10


Relaxation Massage
30 mins for $45 | 60 mins for $70 | 90 mins for $105

A relaxation massage can be an excellent source of pain and stress relief, whether you work a desk job, are on your feet all day, or anything in between. Relaxation massages promote calmness and relaxation through massage techniques that reduce tension, anxiety and muscle cramps & tightness while improving blood circulation, flexibility and range of motion.

Hot Stone Massage
60 mins for $90 | 90 mins for $115

In our signature hot stone relaxation massages, the massage therapist places smooth, flat, heated stones around key points on the body. The heat from the stones is deeply relaxing and loosens tight muscles, helping the therapist work deeply and thoroughly while providing this rejuvenating relaxation massage. Hot stone massage is a tranquilizing and natural way to find pain relief and revitalization— Experience it yourself today.


Waxing is a semi-permanent hair removal solution that extracts body hair directly from the root. Waxing is performed by spreading a thin layer of wax over the treatment area, applying a paper strip over the wax and adhering both the strip to the wax and the wax to the skin, and rapidly ripping away the strip and wax against the direction of hair growth. Read More


Face [Full] $45
Face [Half] $35
Eyebrows $16
Cheeks $12
Sideburns $12
Upper Lip $12
Chin $12
Neck [Front & Back] $22


Arms [Full, included hands & fingers] $32
Arms [Upper] $25
Arms [Lower, including hands & fingers] $25
Underarms $10
Hands & Fingers $20


Full Leg and Bikini $60
Legs [full, includes feet & toes] $50
Legs [Lower, includes feet & toes] $35
Legs [Upper - Above the Knee] $35
Inner Thighs $18
Feet & Toes $20
Toes $10

Upper Body

Back [Full] $40
Back [Half] $25
Shoulders $25
Areola $15
Chest $25
Chest & Stomach $40
Stomach $25

Lower Body

Abdominal Line $20
Bikini $22
Bikini [extended] $32
Brazilian [Includes LA] $50
Brazilian Maintenance (Every 4–5 weeks) $40
Buttocks $32